Kathleen Huddle

Artist Biography

Since returning form a trip to Italy in 1996, Kathleen Huddle, a painter and photographer, has been concentrating on the theme of angels. Huddle experienced what James Joyce called “aesthetic arrest” when she saw the Bernini Angels stationed along the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome. Arrested by the beauty of the sculptures, Huddle said, “I forgot to breathe; the attitudes of the angels, their countenances and  flowing draperies were spellbinding.”

Huddle’s work includes two seven-foot angels painted on wood panels and image transfers made form her copious photographs taken in Arezzo, Florence, and Rome. Presently, Huddle’s main focus is working on hand-stamped, hand-painted, Olde World-looking Christmas ornaments, many of which have angel images and the message of PEACE ON EARTH. The artist was excited when her ornaments and other works were featured in the international magazines, Somerset Studio, November/December 2001 and Somerset Studio Gallery, Volume III.

Huddle who works out of her Huddle Art Studio at 1002 West Walnut Street, Elmira, New York, has received commissions from St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. Huddle’s favorite commission for the hospital was researching and painting the seven founding nuns who started the hospital in 1908. merlinThe painting, titled Remember the Mission, hangs outside the hospital’s cafeteria.

Huddle who resides with her husband of 36 years, Robert, has four daughters, Christine, Katie Rose, twins Megan and Molly, and a silver Maine Coon cat named Merlin.